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Concerned about the safety of the Red Shirts at the Apple Stores. Will they all make it through Christmas?

Looking into my local Apple Store, I noticed all the employees were wearing Red Shirts. Combined with the look and feel of the store, like something out of a Star Trek episode, I’m concerned about their safety. Will they all … Continue reading

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It seems, @ClickFrenzy, some retailers’ websites have crapped themselves even before 7pm

An alliance of Australian retailers trying to make themselves still relevant in the online shopping world (something they have ignored for may years hoping it would die) have decided to try and emulate the US’s Cyber Monday with their effort … Continue reading

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I can not divine the use for these ‘Divination Symbols’, can you?

Looking through the Mac OS X Character Viewer, I see there is a section for ‘Divination Symbols‘. They all look like blocks of horizontal lines in a variety of combinations. Some full times, some with breaks in the middle and … Continue reading

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Photos of Lightcloud, @MPesce’s #sekritproject seen at @Fishburners tonight

Tonight Mark Pesce showed off his secret project at Fishburners. A light cube with integrated computer/web server, that can be remotely controlled via Wi-Fi; can react to movement of the cube; and can talk to another cube via Wi-Fi. And, … Continue reading

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Netregistry currently has a promotional discount offer on and .com domains displayed on its from page. But if you try to register one,  the error message below is displayed (click the image to enlarge). So, it looks like Netregistry’s … Continue reading

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[Insert customer data privacy clause or law here, if applicable]

Don’t you just love sites where the owners forget to update defaults or fill in bits that have been left blank in the default template? It just shows those who are ‘detail oriented’, or not. If you look at the … Continue reading

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Incorruptible #26 is broken and comiXology don’t seem to care

Some time ago, I found that the copy of Incorruptible #26 on the comiXology iPhone App was broken. Checking the online version, I found it broken too. I have tried to contact comiXology about this problem, twice, and am still … Continue reading

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Can’t go outside mum, the neighbours look angry

Look mum, I know I promised to go outside today and do some planting… …but the neighbours look a bit angry. And I really don’t want them to blow up at me! Some funny screen captures from Minecraft. Click for … Continue reading

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Pruning wiki users, is there an extension for that?

If you manage any wiki you know that spamers love them. They just drop by, register a new users, and add some link spam. Now, there is an extension for MediaWiki wikis to remove all the spam pages, Nuke. But … Continue reading

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Microsoft AutoUpdate for Mac 2.3.3 includes a time machine

Opening Word 2008 this evening I was prompted by Microsoft AutoUpdate to update itself to 2.3.3. But little did I know that the new update would include a time machine to download future updates. An update to AutoUpdate generally means … Continue reading

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